Maternal Instinct

Chapter Seven

"Momma I'm Coming Home"


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TITLE: "Momma I'm Coming Home"

AUTHOR: Blackbird

DISCLAIMER: I do not own anything related to Kim Possible. That is by Disney and her creators.

I do not own Kim Possible. She is owned by Disney and Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley. Any original characters shown or mentioned belong to me and can not be used without permission. Got it?

SUMMARY: After Dr. Drakken's latest plan fails, Shego finds herself with much more than she ever bargined for.

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 5890

Kim looked over her shoulder to see if she was still being followed. Sure enough the three agents of the Worldwide Evil Empire were still hot on her tail. She let out an irritated sigh as she faced forward again and tried to think of a way to get rid of them. This was definitely not what she had in mind when she went to the mall today. She had planned to use the time to think things over, which is why she went alone, a decision she now regretted. Like many things in life, it seemed like a good idea at the time, but now she realized it was a mistake. At the time, though, she really did want to be alone so she could let her mind wander while browsing through the stores.

Unfortunately, her mind seemed to wander back to the same problem: Shin. More specifically, how to keep her safe. It seemed Dave’s vision had come true and villains were crawling out of the woodwork to get to her to get to Shego and her baby or vice versa. There had to be someway to hold them back until after Shin was born where Wade could set up a plethora of security systems around her, not to mention Shego finally being able to fight again. Until then, she just didn’t know what she was going to do.

While caught up in those thoughts, she found her way into a jewelry story and stumbled upon something that she thought would make a perfect gift for Shego. She wasn’t sure why that thought crossed her mind, but it was something positive and she desperately needed it at the time. Of course, no sooner had she bought the item when seven W.E.E. agents appeared. She had managed to take out four of them already and now just had to figure out how get ready of the three currently chasing her.

They’re persistent I’ll give ‘em that, she thought in annoyance.

She searched the area for something that might give her an advantage, but only found frightened mall walkers jamming store fronts to get out of the way. It seemed the mall kept all their sample carts on the first floor, so even trying to use one of those was out of the question. Just as she was about to give up on finding something useful, she spotted one of the support pillars a few short feet in front of her. With a slight smirk, she ran towards it at full speed, then jumped forward to bounce of the pillar and deliver a perfect spin kick to the chin of the man in the middle of the group. She quickly recovered and back flipped over the two remaining W.E.E. to continue on her way. The two uniformed men stared at their fallen comrade for a moment, before they looked at each other then continued to follow Kim towards the escalators.

“Excuse me. Pardon me. Sorry,” Kim apologized as she pushed her way through the crowded escalator.

When she reached the bottom, she let out an exhausted breath which quickly turned into an irritated sigh when she heard a series of startled cries. She turned around to find the last two W.E.E. agents shoving the people on the escalator aside at they made their way towards her. She again looked to her surroundings for something useful, and smirked when she found the perfect item.

“Would you care for a free sample miss?” the blonde salesgirl asked as she held up a bottle of perfume.

“No thanks, but I do need to borrow this real quick,” Kim replied as she reached for the bottle.


“Please and thank you,” she said quickly a she snatched the bottle and readied herself.

She watched carefully as the first agent off the escalator charged towards her, his arms held up high to grab her. She waited until he was practically on top of her before squeezing the small black rubber ball handle and sending a lilac scented cloud his way. The agent went into a gagging fit as he swallowed most of the perfume. Kim tossed the bottle back to the salesgirl then delivered a jump kick to the man’s stomach that sent him stumbling backwards. Between the confusion of the perfume and the pain of the kick, he failed to notice the fence around the large pool like fountain in the middle of the common area until he tripped over it. His arms flailed as he flipped over the small picket fence and landed in the pond with a large splash. He let out a small groan as he floated on his back, apparently unconscious.

Kim stared at him for a moment to make sure that he was relatively alright, then turned back to the last remaining W.E.E. agent. They stood a few feet from each other, bodies tense and ready for a fight. By this time, the other mall patrons had moved away from the surrounding area so it was the two of them. Kim’s face was harsh as she glared at him. Not only had he and his friends ruined a perfectly good afternoon, but she was completely fed up with not being able to leave her house without getting jumped by someone. It was time to take a stand, to set an example. And if this poor guy had to be that example, well it was his own fault.

She relaxed her posture just enough to bring her right arm up, turn her hand palm side up and flex her fingers in the universally accepted gesture of; “Bring it”. The agent’s muscles seemed to tense up even more as his feet slid apart for sturdier ground. He stared at her hard and Kim could almost see his heated gaze through the black, one way goggles. He took a half step forward in preparation of his next move.

“Man, they ain’t paying me enough for this,” he blurted out before running away.

A perplexed and oddly calm expression crossed Kim’s face at the action.

“Well that was certainly unexpected,” she muttered.

She let out a relieved sigh and relaxed her body. She knew she really should go after him and bring him to the police, or Global Justice, or someone but what she really wanted more than anything else was to go home. Knowing, that was probably for the best, she turned and started to head for the nearest exit. She’d tell Wade about the unconscious agents on her way home.

Yeah, that’s the best plan. I just want to get home and try to relax before the next villain decides to show up, she thought. I just wish I knew how they all seem to know about Shin.

Blackgate Prison was built specifically with super criminals in mind. It features the latest in state-of-the-art security for its cells, courtyard, fences and of course guards; which are double that of a normal prison. Unfortunately, this security measures are diminished somewhat by the public’s knowledge of the prison and therefore it’s compliancy to government regulations. Prisoners are required to have three meals a day, plenty of exercise and recreation time, and perhaps most unnerving, visitation rights. While most of the criminals held within Blackgate’s wall are seen as only slightly above normal criminals in how dangerous they can be, letting them have contact with the outside world does put some people on edge, particularly the guards. But it was what people wanted, no matter the consequences.

One inmate that was quite happy with that arrangement was the blue skinned man the armored guards were escorting back to his cell. Though he was born Drew Lipsky, he is known the world over as Dr. Drakken. At least, he would like to think his is. In truth, most of the guards and other inmates failed to recognize him and often wondered why he was here. He never let these taunts get to him though, because he knew how brilliant he was even if no one else did. And he had gotten used to much more hurtful remarks from having worked with Shego for all those years.

His grin grew wider when he thought of his traitorous ex-sidekick. The news he had just gotten made him happier then he had been in a long time and nothing could bring him down. He even nodded politely as the guards placed him back in his cell. He smirked at his cell mate, the man with the curiously long eyebrows and beard the curled up at the ends, as they left and couldn’t help but let out a small maniacal chuckle. He turned around and glance back and fourth behind the plexiglass doors to see if the coast was clear before breaking into a full blown laugh.

“Excellent!” he shouted when he laughing fit died down. “Through the careful manipulations of my still loyal henchmen, I have been able to spread word through the villain community about Shego’s…condition. Even as we speak, countless villains are tracking her down to use her as bait in their nefarious plans to get Kim Possible. So I will have killed two birds with one stone! I will finally be rid of Kim Possible and teach Shego the price for betraying Dr. Drakken!”

“Alright already!” his cell mate exclaimed. “Heard this all before! Great, you’re finally gonna get your arch rival, good for you. Now if you don’t mind, some of us have our own plan of revenge to work on. And mine involves complete torment of my mortal enemy. I’ve already gotten word that his two boys have been killed and while he is grieving over them, my henchmen shall slowly, but surely take away everything else he holds dear, slowly driving him to the brink of madness. Only when he is begging me for death will I grant him that sweet release, after he has learned the wrath of The Monarch!”

“Pfft, and he complains about me,” Drakken muttered under his breath.

Kim smiled when she stepped into her house, thankful not to have had any more trouble on her way home. Over the last few weeks, she had to deal with everyone from DNAmy to Monkey Fist, even Adrena Lynn showed up to torment her, and now she had to worry about W.E.E. It seemed like everybody knew about Shego’s baby and they all wanted it for some reason or another. Of course, she was determined not to let that happen, but she had to admit to herself it was all rather exhausting. More so than her usual world saving exploits.

But she wasn’t going to think about that right now. She was home and that was her time to stop being Kim Possible; world saver and just be Kim Possible; teenager. Soon enough though that resume would have to included Kim Possible; mother.

Or rather co-mother, she corrected. Yeah, I think that works the best. Definitely keeps thing less confusing. You know, while I’m thinking of her…

Kim patted something in her pocket before she made her way through the living room and down the hall to the guest room Shego was currently using. She knocked lightly on the door so as not to disturb her too much. When there was no answer, she assumed Shego was asleep and decided to come back later.

Or, she thought, pausing mid-step. I could leave it in there was as a surprise.

A sly grin crossed her face as she settled on that idea and turned back to the door. She reached for the knob and slowly twisted it, cringing a bit at the overly loud noise it made. The latch slid back with its customary “click” and Kim found herself a bit surprised as the door swung open.

She’s either become really trusting or really careless, she thought as she sunk into the room.

She made her way over to the bed as quietly as she could, acting more like she was sneaking into a mad scientist’s lair rather than a room of her own house. When she got to the next stand next to the bed, she reached into her pocket and pulled out a small, green velvet box. She placed it on the night stand and gave it one final tap before she turned to leave the room. She stopped, however, when she caught sight of Shego’s sleeping form just scant inches away from her. The pale skinned woman was sleeping on her right side, and though her body was mostly covered by a blanket, Kim was sure the other pillow to the bed was stuffed between her legs to help support her back. Kim was always surprised by the change that seemed to happen to Shego when she was asleep. Gone was the fiery, sarcastic woman who would just as soon punch you as look at you and replaced with someone soft, fragile, and content.

But mostly peaceful, she thought with a gentle smile. I just can’t get over that. It’s just completely different from what I’d expect from Shego.

The serene scene was brought to an abrupt end when the woman in question let out a loud, phlegm filled snore.

Yeah that’smore what I expect from Shego, Kim thought wearily.

With that, she turned and left the room as quiet as she had come in. After she closed the door, she made her way through the house again towards her own room, intending to follow Shego’s example and take a quick nap. Her geometry homework would just have to wait for later. Unfortunately, as she ascended the stairs she couldn’t help but feel this overwhelming sense of dred. She knew it was stupid though cause if there was someone else in the house, they wouldn’t have left Shego alone. Plus, knowing her brothers they were probably be more evidence of a fight. At least something would be destroyed.

“Great, now I’m paranoid too,” she muttered.

She shook it off and continued up the stairs to her room. It was only when she reached the top step that she realized that the feeling wasn’t wrong. She stood frozen as she simply stared in stunned amazement at the monstrosity sitting right in front of her bed. There, resting on an artist’s stand was a poster sized picture of herself sitting on the couch in dirty and torn mission clothes and there next to her was Shego in a green sweater and black sweat pants. They were leaning against one another in sleep and looked perfect picture of contentment. Judging by the fact that someone actually had taken a picture of them like that, it was apparently true. It wasn’t just the fact that there was a giant picture of her and Shego sleeping next to each other that upset her, it was also the words superimposed over it that really made her blood boil.

“Kim and Shego…” floated above them while “Sitting in a tree…” hung down by their ankles. Though the old rhyme went uncompleted, it’s meaning was crystal clear. She knew of only two people who were not only devious enough to pull a stunt like this but also had easy access to her room to do it.


Her roar echoed throughout the house, reaching two sets of ears in particular.

“Looks like she found it,” Jim smirked.

“Oh yeah,” Tim agreed, equally amused. “Move on to phase two?”


Even as the twins set about the next stage of their plan, Kim’s thundering footsteps and angered mutters could be heard rushing down the stairs. Her first stop was, of course, their room but a quick kick in of the door revealed it to be empty. She let out a frustrated puff then began to stalk the rest of the house with various forms of punishment floating through her mind. Her final stop was the kitchen where she found her parents preparing dinner. They shared a look before turning towards their daughter.

“Kim is that you making all that noise?” Mrs. Dr. Possible asked.

“Where are they!” Kim snapped, ignoring the question.

“Who? You’re brothers?” Mr. Dr. Possible asked.

“Yes! Where are they? I need to…talk to them?”

“Is it about this?” Mrs. Dr. Possible asked, holding up a smaller copy of the picture.

Kim gasped in horror. “They made copies!”

“Oh come on honey, I think it’s cute.”

“It’s not cute it’s just…” she seemed to flatter for the right word. “Just…where are they!”

“I think they went outside,” Mr. Dr. Possible stated almost absentmindedly. “But Kim remember I don’t-”

The rest of his advice went unheeded as red haired streak shot out of the kitchen, followed quickly by the sound of the front door slamming shut. Again the Possible parents looked at each other in concern.

“Do you think we should try to stop her?” Mr. Dr. Possible asked.

“I don’t think she’ll listen to us right now,” Mrs. Dr. Possible replied. “Besides, as much as she talks bad about them, their still her brothers and I don’t think she’ll hurt them…too badly. At least I hope not.”

“Maybe we should be more concerned about this.”

“Oh sweety, lighten up, their siblings they’re suppose to fight.”

“No I meant this,” he clarified, holding up the picture.

“What about it? Like I said, I think it’s cute.”

“Maybe, but I’m not so sure. I mean, what if…”

“What if…what?” Ann Possible prodded, staring intently at her husband.

“Well they are awfully close in this picture,” he said, inspecting the picture again.

“Shego is carrying Kim’s child. It’s only natural for them to get closer.”

“But how close? You remember what it was like when you were pregnant with Kim.”

A wistful smile crossed Ann’s face as the memory of her first pregnancy was instantly called up. While she didn’t care for the morning sickness, or the mood swings, or the extra weight she had to burn off afterwards, what she did like was how her husband had been so attentive and loving to her during that time. Indeed their love had strengthened through those nine long months. But it also brought up the point she knew he was hinting at. She sighed as she laid the spoon she had been stirring with down and turned to fully face her husband.

“So what if this did happen? Would you love our daughter any less?” she asked sternly, crossing her arms over her chest.

“No, of course not,” he said sincerely. “It would be an adjustment that’s for sure, but I wouldn’t stop loving her. I’m just concerned for her happiness. If this does turn into something more then not only will she have to deal with her own confusion and societal pressures, but also…”

“Also what?”

“Well I’m just not sure if I trust Shego. She was a villainess after all.”

Ann sighed again and took the picture from his hand to hold it up to his face.

“Look at this picture James,” she told him. “Does this look like the same Shego that worked for Dr. Drakken?”

“Well…uh…no,” he stammered, caught off guard by the seriousness in her voice.

“No it doesn’t. To me it looks like the mother of Kim’s child and the woman who risked her life to save mine a few weeks ago.” She lowered the picture and her expression softened as she brought her left hand up to his cheek. “If you can’t trust her, then I know you can at least trust me and my judgement.”

“Of course I can,” he replied, placing his hands gently on her hips. “You’ve never let me down before. But if she does anything to hurt my little Kimmie-cub…”

“I know dear, I know.”

“Am I interrupting something?” a new, but familiar voice asked.

They quickly jumped out of their impromptu embrace in surprise and turned to see the woman they were talking about standing in the kitchen doorway. Her groggy appearance and light green pajamas told them that she had been rather rudely awaken from a peaceful sleep.

“Who’s screaming bloody murder out here?” Shego asked, still trying to rub the sleep from her eyes.

“That would be Kim,” Ann told her. “She found something the boys made and is a little upset over it.”

Shego gave her a questioning look and despite her better judgement, Ann handed her the picture. She stared a bit blankly as her still cloudy mind took a few seconds to process exactly what she was seeing. When it finally did kick in, her reaction was much like Kim’s in that her eye grew wide from shock at first then narrowed in anger as she snarled and balled her free hand up into a fist.

“Oh they are gonna fry for this,” she growled as she ignited her fist, burning the picture in the process.

“No!” Ann stated forcefully, surprising both Shego and James. “Shego, I know you’re upset about this but I will not have you hurting my boys.”

“Yes,” James added. “I said when you first moved in here that would have to follow the rules of the house and we don’t condone the serious hurting of family members.”

“Besides,” Ann spoke again, most softly this time as she step forward and placed a hand on Shego’s stomach, “you don’t like it that all these villains are trying to hurt your child, do you?”

Shego stared at her for a long time as she tried to come up with some reason on how this situation was different, but she just couldn’t. She knew Ann was right, and no matter how annoying the twins were they were still her children and part of the family Shego now found herself a part of. But that didn’t mean would just let this slide.

“Fine,” she related, powering down. “I won’t hurt them.” Too much, she add mentally.

“Good,” Ann smiled. “Maybe you could also stop Kimmie from hurting them too. She was rather…tweaked at them and, well you know how she can get when she’s mad.”

“All too well,” Shego smirked. “I’ll try but I’m not making any promises.”

“That’s all we ask,” James spoke up.

“So where is the Princess anyway?”

“Outside,” both Drs. Possible answered.

Shego was taken a bit off guard by the simultaneous answers, but nodded anyway and waddled her way outside. After finding nothing except the leavings of one of the neighbor’s dogs in the front yard, she made her way around to the back and instantly spotted Kim searching the area intently. She stopped long enough for Shego to get close, but even still her eyes continued to dart around.

“Still haven’t found them, huh?” Shego remarked.

Kim quirked an eyebrow. “How did you…?”

“Your mom showed me the picture.”

“Oh. Well trust me I plan to make them pay for that.”

“Actually, your mom sent me out here to talk you out of hurting them.”

They stared at each other silently for several seconds.

“So?” Kim ventured.

“So after we blow ‘em both to hell pick up some big pieces so we can say we tried.,” Shego replied.

A devious smile crossed Kim’s face at that remark. It was soon copied by Shego before the two set out again to find Jim and Tim. Despite the women’s exactly tracking skills, were equally, if not more so, adept at hiding. They searched behind bushes and up trees and even on the roof of the house and couldn’t find anything. Just when it seemed like they had lost the two boys, a rustle came from the last tree they had to check. Kim sprinted forward like a blood hound chasing a scent, completely ignoring the suspicious patch of grass in front of the tree.

“Kim wait!” Shego cautioned, but it was too late.

Before she knew what was happening, Kim found herself trapped in a giant net that was being lifted off the ground. She watched in frustration as her brothers slid down the tree with a rope in each hand and tie them securely to the trunk when they reached the ground. She grunted angrily as she tried to find away out of the net.

“Ha! Gotcha!” they shouted together.

“But you don’t have me,” Shego said in a softly, deadly tone.

“No,” Tim replied calmly.

“But we can outrun you,” Jim added, equally as calm.

“Probably. But can you out run this!” she exclaimed as she lit up both her fists.

“Oh no!” the twins shouted before they started to run.

They deftly dodged her attacks as they made a mad dash to the garage. Shego growled and slowly started to walk towards it, her hands still engulfed in green and black plasma. Right as her hand reached for the doorknob, the main door opened and the two shot out the garage on rocket powered scooters. She set a few more blasts their way and considered chasing after them, but knew it’d be useless with their speed and her condition. Instead she just sighed and walked back over to where Kim was still hanging. As she looked up at the struggling teen hero, she couldn’t help by chuckle a bit.

“Need some help?” she asked cheerfully.

“You’re enjoying this, aren’t you?” Kim grumbled.

“Little bit, yeah.”

“Just get me down.”


With one swift, swipe of her plasma charged hand, she cut the ropes holding the net up and sent Kim crashing to the ground with a loud whelp. When she realized what she had done, Shego tried to move forward to catch the girl, but found her legs unable to move fast enough. She closed her eyes and cringed at the dull “thud” sound Kim’s body made when it hit the ground. She peaked one eye open to find the red head sitting on the grass and rubbing her sore backside. She wanted to crouch down next to her to check on her, but found that difficult as well and simple stood over her.

“Sorry,” Shego offered. “Guess I didn’t think about what I was doing. I would have caught you, but well…”

“I know, I know,” Kim muttered as she stood up. “And I’m fine, except for my sore butt. My pride took must of the bruising.”

“No kidding,” Shego smirked. “Course how do you think I feel that not only did they get away from me, but they were able to catch you a lot faster than I ever could.”

“Well now you know why I was so good at avoid those traps.”

“Guess so.”

“Yeah,” Kim sighed. “Now lets get inside. I could really use a rest after everything that happened today.”

Thought slightly confused by the statement, Shego nodded and followed Kim back inside the house. After a quick explanation and apology to her parents, Kim went into the living room where she helped Shego sit down on the couch before collapsing onto it herself with loud, tired sigh. She stretched her arms out on the back of the couch as she laid her head back and closed her eyes, relishing the moment of peace and quiet.

Which was promptly interrupted by the familiar tone of the Kimmunicator.

“Not now,” she groaned.

“You know, you could just not answer it,” Shego said nonchalantly as she flipped through the channels.

“Yeah,” Kim replied absently, then seriously began to consider it. “Yeah…I suppose I could. But…no I can’t. If people need help I have to help them.”

“You’re just too nice for your own damn good.”

“Maybe,” she muttered as she pulled the Kimmunicator out of her pocket. “What’s the sitch Wade?”

“You got a hit on the sight about something going down at the Go City Bird Sanctuary,” Wade informed.

“Go City?” Kim repeated before she and Shego cast each other strange looks. “Uh…Wade not to sound disrespectful or anything, but doesn’t Team Go usually handle things out there? I mean it is their city.”

“That’s what I thought to, but the message specifically requested you,” Wade countered.

“I don’t know, it still doesn’t feel right. Maybe if-” She stopped herself when a thought occurred. She cast a sly glance over towards Shego, who seemed oblivious to her actions, before she turned her attention back to Wade. “You know what? I think I will go. Set up a ride and call Ron to tell him to be ready.”

“Okay,” Wade replied, feeling a little suspicious about her sudden change of heart. “I’ll call you back with the details in a bit.”

“Thanks Wade,” Kim said before shutting off the device.

“So you actually decided to go, huh?” Shego retorted. “Well have fun.”

“Oh I’m sure I will. And I’m not going alone,” the red head replied.

Shego turned her head towards Kim at the slightly mischievous tone she used and the raven haired woman’s fears were confirmed when she noticed a matching glint in Kim’s eyes.

“Why do I get the feeling you’re not just talking about Stoppable?” she asked, mostly to herself.

“Because I’m not. I want-” Kim started.

“No!” Shego spat vehemently.

“But it’s-”


“Come on-”


“Just this-”



“NO!” she shouted louder. “No, no, no, no! I’m not going!”

“But your family’s there!” Kim protested.

“Which is exactly why I’m not going. In case you didn’t notice the last time, I don’t really get along that well with my brothers.”

“But they’re your family. They have a right to know about…” she finished the sentence by laying a hand on Shego’s plumb belly.

“No they really don’t,” she insisted.

“Aww…please?” Kim pleaded again, her lower lip starting to quiver.

“Oooh no. No, you’re not getting me with that!” Shego remarked, knowing what was coming.

“With what?” the red head asked, her voice taking on a cute pleading tone.

“I’m not seeing you,” the older woman replied as she focused all her attention on the TV.

Despite her best efforts though, she could still make out the frame of Kim’s face out of the corner of her eye and it immediately sprang to Shego’s mind what she was doing. She held up her left hand to completely block visual from sight, but that too was foiled as slowly but surely, Kim’s pouting head came into Shego’s view as the red head leaned towards her.

“Gah!” Shego screamed out in surprise as she tried to avert her gaze.

But, alas, it was too late. She had seen the Puppy Dog Pout and already it had burned itself into her retina. That sad, pathetic looking face just asking her to do one little thing. Who could she say “no”?

“Fine!” she finally agreed with an annoyed sigh. “You know one of these days that isn’t going to work.”

Kim merely replied with a triumphant smirk as she ran off to get ready for the mission.

The Go City Bird Sanctuary was a fairly large building furnished nearly top to bottom with trees and shrubbery of all kinds. A large creek ran through most of the habit which necessitated the need for small wooden bridges for visitors. They were slightly curved to appear rustic and add to the serene settings. Only the most large and dangerous birds were fenced off so that at any given time, attendees could see various birds flying and nesting throughout the indoor forest. Many found it to be a beautiful and peaceful place where they could come and get away from the hectic city life for a few hours.

All of this, was during the day however. At night, the lights went off and the building was locked up like most of the other buildings in the city. Unlike most of the others, the Sanctuary’s security was rather lax since it decided that no one would ever really want to break into it as there was nothing valuable to steal. The birds themselves were all rather common so even exotic animal collectors left it alone.

This lapse in security made it easy for someone to sneak into the building and hide out until it was closed and locked. Especially when one dressed himself up like a bird and could therefore blend in with the surroundings. And one such man did. He was a man well known to the law enforcement of Go City, in particular it’s super hero protectors. He stepped out of his hiding spot among the bushes and chuckled manically as he stepped into the pale moonlight provided the skylight above him.

“Yes, soon, very soon now Kim Possible will be here and once I have her, Shego will come to save her. Then when I have her, the rest of Team Go will show up to save her. Then, then I can destroy them all at once and the city will finally belong to me, Aviarius!” he ranted as he threw his hands up into the air excitedly.

A loud, long manically laughed filled the air quickly mixed with the irritated chirps of birds woken from their slumber by the madman.

To Be Continued…

Author’s Notes: Once again I find myself having to cut a chapter in half to make sure I don’t create a super long one. That and I just wanted to put something up so everyone knows I’m still working on this story and to hold to my promise of having a chapter up by the end of the month. Hopefully I’ll have the next chapter up soon, but I can’t be sure because my focus seems to be going in and out these days. Apparently the summer malaise is effecting my concentration. Still I know what I want to do so when I can focus it should be easy to write. In the meantime I hope you enjoyed this lovely filler chapter to tide you all over and at least I did answer the question of what happened to the Tweebs and the photo…kinda. Heh.

Oh, I forgot to point this out in the last couple of chapters but Dr. Perry Cox comes from NBC’s show “Scrubs” which is a great show and I highly recommend it. In the same vein, Drakken’s cell mate The Monarch comes from Adult Swim’s awesome show “The Venture Bros.” The details of why he’s in jail are all detailed in the ep “The Trail of The Monarch”, go check it out.

Again I’d like to thank everyone for the positive feedback on Jen and Dave and for those of you wanting to see more of the, fear not I have already figured out a story for them to return in and one that would showcase their world a little more. Hopefully you’ll all enjoy that as well. And for those of you interested in what they look like you can check out this terrific piece of fanart Kaytrop did by going here(just close in the gaps): http/www . deviantart. com / view /34596770/ Might also have to typ in the first part of the link as it’s giving me a bit of trouble. Either way it should led you there and Kay I can thank you enough for the pic, you rock!

One last thing. If anyone was paying attention to the scene between Will Du and Dr. Director in Chapter 3, “the other girl” they mention is indeed Jen. As for “The Squad”…well that’s a different story all together.

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