Maternal Instinct: Spotlight

Chapter 5

Jade-All In A Day’s Work


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TITLE: Jade-All In A Day’s Work

AUTHOR: Blackbird

DISCLAIMER: I do not own Kim Possible. She is owned by Disney and Mark McCorkle and Bob Schooley. Any original characters shown or mentioned belong to me and can not be used without permission. Got it?

SUMMARY: A closer look into the lives of the various characters in the Maternal Instinct universe.

TYPE: Undefinable

RATING: US: PG-13 / DE: 12

Words: 5776

Jade let out a content sigh as she basked in the rays of the afternoon sun. When she first found out that her new assignment was to work out a deal with the ruler of Komchoka, her first reaction was “What the hell is Komchoka?!” Turns out, it’s a small island nation with only a few thousand people living on it and some beautiful, beautiful beaches, much like the one she was on now. It was just luck that she had arrived a few hours before her scheduled meeting with the island’s ruler so she took the extra time to enjoy herself one of their beaches.

Of course, once she had learned of them she always planned to find time to enjoy them, but having that earlier than what she expected was nice. Especially since it gave her the chance to set back in her green and black two piece bikini and enjoy the sun and sea breeze. The sea breeze being both the actual cool gusts coming off the ocean’s water as well as the drink that sat next to her beach chair on a small plastic table. She took another sip of said drink before leaning her head back against the soft pillow and closed her eyes. Thankfully her sunglasses kept most of the sun out of her eyes so it wasn’t blinding. She was even more thankful that her unique body chemistry converted the usually harmful UV rays into energy for her plasma charges so not only did not have to worry about getting sunburned, cancer was out of the question as well.

Yep. Nothing at all to worry about so I could just lay her all day and enjoy my drink and the sun, she thought happily.

“Excuse me ma’am,” a voice said next to her.

Or not.

She let out a soft growl of annoyance before she opened her eyes and pulled her shades down her nose a bit to glanced up at the W.E.E. agent standing above her. A small bemused smirk crossed her face as she noticed how uncomfortable he looked wearing his head to toe uniform in the scorching heat. She was also sure that his eyes were running up and down her practically nude body behind his mirrored visor. Deciding to have some fun with him, she raise one arm behind her head and arched her back so that her chest pressed up against the flimsy piece of black cloth that barely covered it. She then unfurled a long, slender arm in an dramatic fashion as she reached of her glass again.

“What is it?” she asked, after taking a sip.

“The duchess is ready to see you now ma’am,” he stated calmly.

“Just when I was starting to get comfortable too,” she remarked. “Alright. I guess I better get dressed and look somewhat professional. Tell her I’ll be there in a few minutes.”

“Right away.”

With that, the trooper gave a quick salute before walked away rather clumsily over all the sand. Jade chuckled at the sight before she finished her drink in a single gulp then stood up and stretched her arms over her head to straighten out her back.

“Well, guess it’s time to go to work,” she muttered to herself. “But I’m definitely going to make time to come back here before leaving. That ocean is calling my name.”

She cast one last longing look out over the cool, blue waves crashing along the beach before she herself turned and started to walk towards the palace where she and her men had so gracefully been put up for their stay. She had yet to personally meet the duchess of the island but from what she had heard it certainly sounded like it’d be an interesting meeting.

After her quick wardrobe change back to her usual attire, Jade and her two bodyguards were escorted by one of the palace guards to the meeting room. The sounds of their boots hitting the almost mirrored title floor echoed off the smooth walls. The corridor was much like one would expect to see in a palace. It was long, spacious and decorated with paintings of former rulers of the land outlined in gold picture frames. Every so often a pair of finely polished marble columns would appear to create an archway for the group to pass through. Jade noticed that each one was wrapped in a vine of gold and silver leaves.

Obviously not hurting for either of those here, she thought.

She then looked more closely at the paintings and the ornately decorated vases placed throughout the hallway.

Wonder what kind of security they have here, she mused before she shook her head. OK, thinking of stealing things from a potential business associate does notmake the best first impression. Just need to push those thoughts away for now and focus on the task at hand.

Just as she came to that conclusion, the guard in front of them stopped in front of a set of large, wooden double doors. He singled to the two guards on either side and with slight nods they stepped forward in perfect unison to pull open the doors. The inside of the room was even more spacious than the corridor but the sky blue gloss title continued onwards. Two sets of three, arched windows ran along either wall and allowed the sun to illuminate the room. While it was mostly bare, a long, cherry oak style table sat in the middle of the room, surrounded by chairs that Jade was sure went into double digits. It was obvious that this “meeting room” was also some kind of dinning/ballroom that most likely usually held formal gathers. Her theory was strengthened by the presence of a stage tucked away in the back.

“Seems a bit elaborate for a simple meeting, don’t you think?” Jade asked the palace guard.

“The duchess does have her little…quirks occasionally,” he replied in a perfect monotone.

Before she could ask any further questions, another set of doors on the opposite side of the room opened and a blonde woman that Jade could only assume was the duchess stepped in, flanked by two servants. Her appearance actually answered the pale skinned woman’s question better than anything the guard could have given her. The thing that struck her immediately was that every piece of the woman’s outfit was gold colored. While seeming a bit overdone and kind of cheesy, Jade had to admit it did seem to give her a royal and bold appearance.

Of course the “royal” aspect was shut down a bit by how little their actually was of the outfit. While most of her body was covered in a cape that wrapped around her shoulders, it was worn low enough at the bare tops of her shoulders were exposed. The top half of the actual outfit was a mini corset that stopped just under her moderately sized breasts and seemed to be molded just for them. In addition to the generous amount of cleavage it showed off, it also put her well toned abdomen on display for the world. Jade was actually surprised to see how fit she was considering her job probably consisted of mostly sitting down and signing treaties. And while she couldn’t see it from her angle, she was convinced that the woman’s tight pants helped showed off what was probably a firm and round backside. A pair of full length gloves and knee high boots helped pull the ensemble together and the gloves made it appear like she was wearing more than she actually was.

Looks like someones been watching too many James Bond movies, Jade thought with a slight smirk. Course I’m not one to talk, look who I work for.

“So I take it you must be Jade, the liaison for W.E.E.,” the duchess stated, drawing her attention.

“Yeah that’s me. Haven’t caught your whole name yet, Duchess…?”

“Duchess will do just fine for right now. Please, have a seat,” she remarked, motioning to the table in front of them.

“O…kay,” Jade said unsurely as she sat down.

She watched closely as the Duchess sat as the other end of the table with a slight flourish of her cape. She was quickly flanked by the two servants that had escorted her in. Like the palace guards they were also dressed in pseudo military uniforms with jackets that buttoned up along the left side. Unlike the guards, however, their uniforms were a bright silver color instead of the standard royal red. Jade could only assume it was to help coordinate with their gold wrapped mistress.

The one that really caught her attention though was the young woman currently pouring a glass of wine for the Duchess. Like the others she had the military style but the train of her coat fell down to the back of her knees. Crisp gloves and calve high boots matched the overall appearance of the coat and her reddish-orange hair was tied up into a bun to make her look even more professional. She certainly seemed to take her job as one of the Duchess’ personal servants seriously. Which is why the bottom half of the outfit being just a mini skirt really threw Jade for a loop. It both worked and seemed a little out of place at the same time. Course, she didn’t really blame the redhead, if she had legs like those she’d show them off too. That’s not to say her own legs weren’t attractive, the other woman’s just seemed flawless. They slender, long, curved in the right places and…coming straight for her.

Jade shook herself out of her daze and glanced up just in time to meet the servant girl’s light brown eyes with her emerald green ones. There was a slight pause as they just stared at each other for a moment.

“Wine ma’am?” the girl asked, holding out the bottle and glass in her hands.

“Oh. Uh…yeah of course,” Jade remarked, feeling a bit foolish.

The redhead nodded and set the glass down before filling it near the top with a thick, red wine that Jade had never seen before. That was quite an accomplishment since she had familiarized herself with a quite a number of wines. She picked up the glass and studied it for a second before her eyes wondered a bit to the retreating figure. The train of her coat swayed a little with each step and the green hued woman found herself wishing that the piece of fabric wasn’t so long.

“It’s a home distilled wine,” Duchess spoke, again bringing Jade back to reality.

“What?” she asked, having barely heard the remark.

“The wine in your hand,” the blonde ruler clarified, holding up her own wine glass. “I noticed the confusion on your face as you studied it. It’s something we make right here in Komchoka, you won’t find it anywhere else in the world.”

“Kind of like a certain other thing your countries produces.”

“Ah, right to the heart of the matter. I like that. So many others potential clients want to try to flatter me with small talk before speaking of business.”

“Never been much for small talk. Find it’s just annoying and inane.”

“That it is,” Duchess smirked then took a sip from her glass. “But please, before we truly start to talk about any arrangements, try some of the wine. I think you’ll enjoy it.”

Jade gave her a suspicious look as she studied the contents of her glass again.

“It’s not poison, is it?” she asked flat out.

“Now would that be any way to begin a business relationship? I assure you, it’s fine.”

Jade continued to look doubtful for a second longer, but then shrugged and took a careful sip. Thankfully, she didn’t fall over dead or feel sick right away so she took that as a sign that her hostess was being truthful. Once that fear subsided she was able to actually enjoy the drink itself. It had a rich, full bodied taste that seemed to dance over her taste buds and leave a slight hint of cherries as an aftertaste. She held the glass out and gave it an approving nod.

“I take it you like it then,” Duchess remarked with a smirk.

“It’s good. Definitely unique,” Jade commented.

“If you want I can give you a few bottles for your trip home.”

“Wouldn’t be opposed to the idea. But I think before we talk about my heading back, we should discuss what I came here for.”

“Ahhh yes,” the other woman remarked, as she set down her glass. “The interest your employer has in our Densium mines.”

“Not so much the mines themselves but rather what comes out of them.”

“Of course. One of the rarest and hardest metals on Earth. There are a lot of people who want it for a variety of purposes,” Duchess mused before she narrowed her hazel eyes and stared directly as Jade. “Tell me why I should side with a known criminal organization rather than any number of honest countries and businesses who have made me such offers.”

Jade was a little taken aback by her sudden change in attitude, but the reaction wasn’t unexpected. She regained her composure and took another calm sip of the wine.

“Because unlike the other offers my employer doesn’t have that pesky hang up of morals to get in the way of providing you with what you want,” she started. “He’s willing to give you state of the art weapons and as well as a better way to mind the Densium.”

“I think we’re doing quite well with our current system.”

“Yeah except you produce, what? A couple thousand pounds a year? How would you like to make a couple thousand tons?”

This it was Duchess’ turn to mask her surprise and intrigue. Much like Jade she picked up the wine glass in front her and took a sip before answering.

“That is a generous proposal and could help boost our economy for a little while, but we also run the risk of burning out the mines too soon. Perhaps a reasonable middle ground could be reached.”

“Hey, whatever makes you happy,” Jade remarked with a shrug. “Long as my boss gets the percentage he asked for he’d be happy.”

“Yes, about the percentage?”

“What about it? Seems fair to me.”

“Of course it seems fair to you, you need it. But I think to make it worth our while something else must be added to the agreement.”

Jade gave her another suspicious look. “Like what?”

Duchess smirked before she leaned forward and placed her elbows on the table so she could tent her fingers and rest her head on them in a way that only her eyes showed. The hazel orbs stared out from behind the blond bangs framing the woman’s face and seemed to look directly into Jade’s soul, causing her to squirm a bit.

“I know what you are,” Duchess said hauntingly.

“Yeah, you already told me you knew I was a criminal,” the pale woman replied, still feeling nervous for some reason.

“No, I mean I know what really are.”

“And that is…?”

“A clone.”

This time Jade couldn’t hide her surprise.

“How do you know that?!” she demanded.

Duchess chuckled a bit as she leaned back in her chair again.

“Come now, just because my country is on an island doesn’t mean we’re isolated from the rest of the world. I have plenty of eyes and ears out there and some of them just happened to be pointed in the right direction when you were…born, let’s say.”

Jade took a few deep breathes to keep her emotions in check then took a rather long sip of her wine, nearly emptying the glass. Once she was sure she was in a much more clam frame of mind she spoke again.

“Okay, so you know about that, big whoop. Why are you so interested in W.E.E.’s cloning technology?”

“I’m afraid that information is private.”

“Not if you want it to be included in the deal it’s not.”

The two women stared at each other, a fierce determination in both their eyes that revealed neither of them would back down until they reached the answer they wanted. It began to form a tension in the air that traveled to those around them, particularly their guards. The W.E.E. agents behind Jade, clutched their rifles tighter as they looked around at the palace guards stationed throughout the room and, more importantly, on the hands resting on the handles to their sidearms. There was a feeling in the air that any wrong move could trigger a fight that probably no one would get out of alive. Just when it seemed like it was going to reach a boiling point, Duchess sighed and gave a dismissive wave of her hand.

“Leave us,” she ordered her men.

“But, your highness,” one of the guards started to protest.

“I said leave us. I need to talk to my guest alone,” she remarked, casting a glance towards Jade with the last word.

She picked up on the not so subtle meaning and nodded.

“You guys can leave too,” she addressed her guards.

“I don’t think-” one started.

“That’s right, you don’t think, you just do what I tell you. And right now I’m telling you to leave me alone.”

“Are you sure that’s a good idea?”

“Trust me, I can handle myself if something goes wrong.”

Seeing that nothing could change her mind, the two agents looked at each other and shrugged before they left, followed closely by the palace guards and two servants. Once they were completely alone, Duchess picked up her wine glass and stood up, the chair making a loud scamping sound as it slid over the titled floor. She paid no attention to it and walked over to one of the large windows, motioning for Jade to follow her. Jade let out a small, irritated sigh but walked over nonetheless, picking up her own glass as she did so.

When she arrived at the window she saw that it overlooked not only the main courtyard but most of the city as well. By necessity the city wasn’t very large but it was far from worn down shacks most people would associate with island nations. The houses and businesses had a more rustic, English countryside feel to it more than anything else. The notable exception of course being the Densium factory which could easily stand toe-to-toe with any advanced building on any of the mainland nations.

“So what do you think of my country?” Duchess asked softly.

“Well I enjoyed its beaches,” Jade quipped.

“So I’ve heard. I hope you’ll continue to enjoy them for the remainder of your stay.”

“Oh trust me, I plan on it.”

Duchess nodded. “That’s good. Tourists are very rare here.”

“Yeah that’s great, but what’s all this got to do with cloning technology?”

“Because the very future of my nation may depend on it.”

When she received only silence, Duchess looked over to Jade to find her staring at her with a blank expression.

“Not the answer you were expecting, is it?” she retorted. She then sighed and looked out the window again before continuing. “I know what the rest of the world thinks of a nation still run by a ruling family or just one ruler. They think of me as a tyrant who lords over her people and keeps them all in poverty to support her own luxurious lifestyle. But that’s not true. Oh sure, I do have my quirks but I love my people and will do anything to see them happy. Even if that includes making deals with criminals.”

“Well…thanks. I think.”

“Tell me, do you know the history of Komchoka?”

“Nope, ‘fraid I missed that part of the briefing.”

“Then allow me to give you the abridged version,” Duchess said then took a sip of wine. “You see, originally this was a prison colony much like Australia. Unlike there, however, we had very little space and soon enough the criminals began to over power their captors and eventually took over the island. Is wasn’t long before complete anarchy set in and they began to fight and kill each other on almost a daily basis.

“Then, one day one of the largest and strongest criminals stepped forward and put a stop to all the senseless fighting. Instead of killing each other in a mad dash to find away off the island, he purposed that they work together and truly make the island their own. Build homes, families, start actual lives and businesses. Make it something they could be proud of and proclaim to the world outside that they didn’t need them.

“There were, of course, some dissenters at first, but the man’s mental and physical strength was enough to quell any actual rebellions and soon enough he organized a small colony of criminals into the beginnings of a nation. That man eventually became their first ruler and it was decided that as long as his bloodline continued, his family would rule over the island with his same strength.”

Jade drank the last of her wine as she took in the story.

“So that man…” she started.

“Was my ancestor, yes,” Duchess finished with a nod. “My family has ruled over this nation for generations based on just his strength. We each carry it with us in our own unique way. Some through physical strength some through political strength but the idea remains the same, as long as my family is in power our nation will be prosperous.”

“I’m sensing a ‘but’ coming on here.”

“However,” she replied with a smirk that quickly faded. “I’ve recently learned that I’m barren. The family line will end with me.”

Jade’s eyes widened as she stared at the woman sympathetically. Though she had no intention whatsoever of having kids, especially with all of Shego’s memories of the experience bouncing through her head, the idea of simply not being able to do it still made her cringe.

“I-I’m sorry,” she whispered.

“It’s alright, I’ve come to accept it,” the other woman stated. “But I do not wish for my personal loss to be a loss for my people.”

“So you want our clone tech to make a clone of yourself to rule after you die.”


“But wouldn’t people find it off that your ‘daughter’ would look just like you?”

“It’s not uncommon for that to happen. Besides, our geneticists could make a few moderations so that she wouldn’t look exactly like me.”

“They can?”

The smirk returned to Duchess’ face. “As I told you, my nation is not as backwards as everyone wishes to believe. We have made great strides in certain fields, genetics being one of them.”

“You just can’t create a whole clone.”


Jade stared out the window as she thought it over. She was about to take another sip of wine when she realized her glass was empty. Letting out a disappointed sigh, she leg the glass hang from her hand while she looked over the children playing in the courtyard’s field.

“Well,” she started, “it may take some convincing on my part but I’m sure I can get Gemini to agree to these new terms. He seems hellbent on getting this metal so I’m sure I can talk him into giving up the info you need.”

“Very well,” Duchess nodded. “I shall be sure to graciously decline any other offers until you get back to me. And with that,” she said as she spun around and started to walk away. “Our meeting is at end. You can now go back to enjoying yourself on the beach if you wish. They’ll also be a feast tonight you and your men can attend and I believe you’ll find the accommodations for your stay tonight…quite pleasurable.”

The small wink she tossed over her shoulder left Jade feeling a bit confused and uncertain, but she quickly shrugged it off as one of the woman’s so called “quirks”. As far as she was concerned the hardest part of her job was over and she was more than ready to get back to enjoying herself for the rest of her stay.

Later in the evening, after more time on the beach and a feast truly fit for a king, or a Duchess in this case, Jade made her way back to her room and into the shower. As much as she loved swimming in the ocean, the salt sticking to her hair was really annoying. She had taken a much longer shower than usual and left only after she was completely convinced all the salt was gone. When that was done, she wrapped herself in the wool robe provided for her while drying her hair with one of the heavier towels. Even with it cut shorter than Shego’s it was still a pain to deal with a times.

She had just crossed over into the living room section of her room to watch some TV when the doorbell rang. Let out an irritated grown she walked over to the door and stopped just as she place her hand on the knob.

“Who is it?” she asked as she raised her free hand and got ready to ignite it.

“Room service ma’am,” the voice from the other side answered.

She quirked an eyebrow then leaned forward to stare out the peephole. She was surprised to see the servant girl from earlier standing there holding a tray with another bottle of wine and two glasses on it. Curiosity getting the better of her, she lowered her hand and opened the door to allow her to come in. The girl gave her a meek nod before stepping politely into the room and setting the tray down on the table near the bed.

“So what’s this about?” Jade asked, motioning towards the bottle.

“An gift from the Duchess in return for your fine work ma’am,” the girl replied.

“Alright first of all, you can stop calling me ma’am. Hearing it from you kinda makes me feel old,” she remarked as she looked at the girl more closely. “How old are you anyway?”

“19 ma…” she stopped herself and looked expectantly at the older woman.

“Jade. Just call me Jade.”

“Very well Jade.”

“And your name is…?”


Jade blinked at the name then a small smile formed on her lips right before she began to laugh loudly. Serenity stared at her as if she had gone crazy.

“Did I say something wrong?”

“No, no, it’s not you,” Jade replied between laughs. “I just find it funny because I’ve been thinking that what I really need in my life right now is a little serenity.”

“Oh. Well…I’m happy to hear that because…”

The pale woman looked at her. “Because what?”

“Because…I am part of the gift as well.”

Jade stared at her in disbelief. “You’re kidding.”

“I’m not. The Duchess noticed your…interest in me and ordered that I do whatever I could to…please you.”

“And how do you feel about this?”

“I live to serve my mistress.”

“Well that’s cryptic,” Jade remarked.

She then walked past Serenity to the table where the bottle sat. She picked it up and looked at the two glasses sitting on the try then back to the red haired girl.

“Well…I suppose it would be kinda bad for me to drink this whole thing myself,” she mused. “You are allowed to drink this stuff, right?”

“Yes, Jade,” Serenity.

“OK, you really need to stop being so formal. It’s kinda creepy.”

“I’m sorry, I’m just used to acting this way.”

“Well then maybe it’s time to get you to loosen up,” she said as she popped the top of the bottle and poured some of the wine two glasses. She then turned around and held one out two the girl. “Here.”

Serenity took the glass hesitantly and looked to Jade as if expecting to see if it was alright for her to drink now. Jade rolled her eyes and nodded as she took a sip out of her own glass. Serenity followed suit, taking only a small sip in honor of her guest.

“So,” Jade spoke up after a moment. “You’re suppose to do anything I ask.”

“Anything,” she repeated.

“Well…how about you just join me out on the terrace for now and we see where things go from there?”

“As you wish.”

She gave a slight bow before she turned and started to walk towards the terrace before Jade placed a hand on her shoulder to stop her.

“One more thing,” she said as she reached up and quickly pulled out the tie holding the girl’s head up.

The surprise on Serenity’s face was evident as her hair fell down from its bun to rest between her shoulder blades. She used her free hand to pulled some of it past her ears and out of her face as she turned and gave Jade a “How did you do that?” look.

“It’s a gift,” she replied with a shrug. “You know, you do look a lot prettier with your hair down.”

“Uh…thank you Jade,” the girl muttered with a blush.

Jade smiled before wrapping an arm around Serenity’s shoulder and leading her out to the terrace. They stood there in a comfortable silence as they watched the waves crash along the shore while sipping their drinks. Jade happened to glance over and notice that the moonlight seemed to perfectly highlight the girl’s petite face and glowing hair. There was an innocence to this girl that she found quite warming and appealing. In a way it reminded her of a certain other redhead she tried not to think about. It wasn’t a perfect match of course as Serenity was much more frail than the girl she was thinking of, but nevertheless it was there. And as much as she hated herself for giving into those feelings and putting this girl in a rather awkward spot, she just couldn’t help herself. She walked around Serenity so she was directly in front of her then cupped her chin with her friend hand to lift her head up just as she leaned forward to plant her lips on the girl’s. Just as she expected, Serenity’s body stiffened a bit in surprise, and most likely confusion, and just as Jade was about to pull back and make up some lame excuse for her to leave, the girl surprised her by returning the kiss in full. Whether it was from her orders from Duchess or the wine going to her head or even her own desire, Jade wasn’t sure but she also wasn’t going to question it. As selfish as it was she needed this right now and if Serenity wanted to comply then she was determined to enjoy it and give the girl a good time of her own while she was at it.

The last true coherent thought either of them had was setting their drinks down on the table outside before wrapping their arms around each other and making their way inside and to the bed as their kiss grew more passionate.

The next morning, Serenity let out a slight moan of protest as the sun’s morning rays hit her directly in the eyes. Even with them closed she could see the blinding red blur behind her eyelids that indicated she should probably get up. Instead she simply rolled over and swung her arm out to hold into the person in the bed with her. Unfortunately, instead of a warm, curvy body, her hand found the flat and soft surface of the mattress and sheets.

“Jade?” she asked as she cracked one eye open.

As she expected the other side of the bed was completely empty. She held the covers to her chest as she sat up and looked the room over. While the robe Jade was wearing the night before was still there, any trace of her uniform or other belongings where gone, as was the bottle of the wine. In it’s place, however, was a folded up note with her name on it. She crawled over to the side of the bed and grabbed it with her free hand. She then leaned back again the head board and flipped it open.


Sorry to leave it this way kid but trust me it would never have worked out. Thanks for a great evening though and I hope you enjoyed yourself as well.



She let out a sigh as she folded the note up and stared up at the ceiling. She had expected something like this to happen so it wasn’t much of a surprise but it left her with a longing nonetheless.

Jade stared at the half bottle of wine in her hand as the W.E.E. air ship took off. While she had no doubt she could have gotten a full bottle of wine, she wanted to keep this one for prosperity’s sake. She wasn’t sure yet if she would finish it at some point or just keep it as is as a reminder for the one night go to forget the world around her and just enjoy herself.

Maybe. Maybe someday I’ll be able to finish it off with her, she thought wistfully. Yeah maybe, but probably not. I’m sure once this deal is finished I’ll be touted out on some other assignment and never make my way back. Oh well, that’s just the way things go I guess. Still…maybe…just maybe.

The End.

Author’s Notes: So I’m sure this wasn’t quite the Spotlight chapter with Jade you’re all expecting, huh? That’s good though cause I’d had to think I was getting predictable. I really wanted to show what kind of stuff she does for W.E.E. aside from the usual villain stuff. Part of that as you just read is to broker some deals on Gemini’s behalf. And while she’s not exactly thrilled with the idea, some of the perks help her deal with it. Be that lounging around on a beach or having some private time with some little red haired thing.

Oh and that little fetish of hers will come up later again, trust me. As for seeing Serenity again…well I’m not really sure. I’ll have to think about it. I will say that some of the contents of this chapter will have an effect on the mainline “MI” stories, so watch out for them.

That’s all I can think of for now. Hope you guys enjoyed it. See ya later.

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