Kim Possible, Blue Fox - Bonus


TITLE: Kim Possible, Blue Fox - Bonus

AUTHOR: shenglong2006

DISCLAIMER: Kim Possible belongs to Disney. If I owned it, we’d have more than 87 episodes once the new run is finished.

SUMMARY: Bonus for Kim Possible, Blue Fox

TYPE: Kim/Shego, Slash

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Revision Note: Welcome to the bonus chapter… This is barely related to the plot, but is funny anyway. Anyway, Let’s log in, and see what happens.

Note: I have rescheduled this to occur after the previous part ended, so that I can keep up the New-Old balance. Also, Drakken, NEXT TIME, PLEASE, Don’t just fling everything you’ve got including the scrap of paper marked ‘Incomplete bonus chapter’ at Kim, Shego and Ron. Sorry about that.

Words: 661


PASSWORD ***********


USERS ONLINE – GreenGal, EvilTwin, MonkeyKing. HoleInOne, StuntJunkie, Cuddles, FoxHunter, BigSpender, HenchMan (SysOp)

SUBJECT – After The Auction

Set by HenchMan on xx-xx-xxxx xx:xx

HenchMan: Anyone worried about Drakken, Yes, He’s under arrest… Global Justice has seized his assets, and the sole benefactors are planned to be…

BigSpender: Do tell…

HenchMan: Since Gemini is online, He can explain… He let me know…

EvilTwin: I’ll quote my sister’s new agent, Mr. Load, who made the arrangement… ‘Team Possible will be using the money for mundane funding needs, but if Kim Possible turns up alive tomorrow, it all defaults to her.’

* GreenGal is shocked.

GreenGal It’s ALL my pet’s money?!?

HenchMan: All she’d need to do is claim it.

[AoiKitsune has connected]

AoiKitsune Spill… What’s the sitch?

GreenGal Might as well tell her…

HenchMan: You, Princess, have every penny of Drakken’s money… All you need to do is come back from the dead.

[AoiKitsune has disconnected Reason: Fainted]

GreenGal And that’s the truth. I found her at one of the secondary terminals, out cold. I’m putting the world’s latest future billionaire to bed.

[GreenGal has disconnected]

Cuddles: I definitely want that cuddly fox now!

FoxHunter: She’s rich and beautiful… Kimberly Anne Senior…

BigSpender: We’ll be the richest crime family in history!

[GreenGal has connected]

[HackerXL has connected]

* GreenGal just checked the history. Bad Seniors and DNAmy.

StuntJunkie: So, Where’s the fox sleeping? In your bed, or aren’t you ready for that yet?

GreenGal She has a pet bed in the kitchen. She’s not sleeping next to me ever.

MonkeyKing: Care to make a wager on that… Hench, Do you have the final value of all the bids in the auction?

HenchMan: Yup. I’m sure Gemini can work out the particulars…

MonkeyKing: Seniors, Gemini, Hench, Here’s my idea… We equal Kim’s own fortune from our own pockets, and IF Shego fails, We double Kim’s money. If she succeeds, SHE gets the money.

GreenGal So, if I do defeat Kim Possible, and turn her into a docile pet, I get showered with money… While if she manages to make me, ugh, care for her and I go soft on her, She becomes the richest fox in history.

[HackerXL has disconnected]

BigSpender: You don’t have to decide now…

StuntJunkie: We could just give Kim the money and leave it at that.

* GreenGal decides AdrenaLynn needs a new green plasma makeover.

HenchMan: Calm down…

StuntJunkie: I know exactly why she paid a billion for the fox… She’s likes Kimmie… Well, Rumour has it that she was seen at a very exclusive boutique buying a little black number that was sized for someone Kim’s age group…

[GreenGal has disconnected]

HenchMan: You did remember to encrypt your address details?

[StuntJunkie has disconnected – REASON: Moving home… quickly]

[GreenGal has connected]

GreenGal Yes, I did buy something from a boutique, and it was similar to DNAmy buying a silk unitard and SSJ buying out everything blue in Kim’s sizes from a megastore… We all have plans for when she doesn’t need restraining to get our way.

* FoxHunter whistles innocently.

Cuddles:: OK, We’ve all made a effort to please her, so let’s drop it… until Shego’s had some time to break her…

[Cuddles has disconnected]

[FoxHunter has disconnected]

[GreenGal has disconnected]

[Guest has disconnected]



HenchMan: – Jack Hench

EvilTwin: – Gemini

GreenGal – Shego

AoiKitsune – Kim Possible

MonkeyKing: – Monty Fisk

HoleInOne – Duff Killigan

StuntJunkie: – AdrenaLynn

Cuddles: – DNAmy

BigSpender: – Triple-S, a.k.a Senior Senior Senior

FoxHunter: – SSJ, a.k.a Senior Senior Junior

HackerXL – ??? (Although, it should be obvious)