Hard Times

Chapter 2

In Cold Water

King in Yellow

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TITLE: In Cold Water

AUTHOR: King in Yellow

DISCLAIMER: The various characters from the Kim Possible series are all owned by Disney. Any and all registered trade names property of their respective owners. Cheap shots at celebrities constitute fair usage.

SUMMARY: Not in Best Enemies universe. KiGo but not so much femslash as lemon with a twist. Inspired by the caption work of Dark Angel: Version 4.0. It attempts to have something for everyone which means it will please no one.

TYPE: Kim/Shego

RATING: US: R / DE: 16

Words: 2711

“Take off the wet clothes.”


“Look, I've got four brothers. I used to take baths with the older ones. I changed diapers on the younger ones. You don't have anything I haven't seen before. We have to get you dry and we can't do that while you're in those wet things.”

Kim reluctantly pulled off his/her top and tossed it to Shego, who took it into the bathroom. “You were lucky I had the first reservation. This is the only room with a private bath.”

“But no hot water?”

“Nope, just like I said. Now, pull off the pants.” Shego wrung out the black midriff baring top and hung it up, then went back into the small room with the two available towels.

Shego handed Kim a towel and started drying the redhead's back.

“I think the towels are pre-Chinese Revolution also,” Kim complained.

“Probably. But it’s a training ground -- not a spa.” They both applied the towels briskly, to return circulation to the chilled Kim. Shego giggled, “I took baths with Mego when I was four and he was six, and changed diapers on the Wegos. I have to tell you Kim, yours is a lot bigger.”

“Please, Shego, is there anything I can wear?”

“I don't know Kim. I think my gis are too small for you… Promise not to laugh?”

“Promise not to laugh at what?”

“At my night shirt -- it’s the biggest thing I have.”

“I promise.”

Kim had expected green or black. But this was like an over-sized pink t-shirt with a picture of Betty Boop and her dog Pudgy on it. It hung almost to her knees and s/he was too grateful to even consider laughter.

“What are you doing,” Kim gasped.

“I'm taking off my gi. I've been working out all day and it's all sweaty. The bad news is that you have my longest shirt, so I'm going to have to find something else to sleep in.” The t-shirt Shego found was far too short for Kim to be comfortable.

“It's not polite to stare.”

“Shego, you're green down there.”

“Probably moss. It doesn't get used often enough.”


“Seriously, Kim. The comet turned my hair green. I dye it black, well the hair on my head anyway, to be less conspicuous. Hego's hair would be blue if he didn't dye it too.”

“You really don't have anything longer?”

“Trust me Kim, if I had it, I'd be wearing it.”

“Then, could you sit with your legs together or something? You're really making me uncomfortable.”

Shego looked over at the little tent on the front of the Betty Boop nightshirt. “Now there's another voice heard from,” she giggled. “It looks like someone doesn't mind seeing my legs spread apart.” Shego lay on her back and raised her legs into the air, laughing at Kim's obvious discomfort.

“Please, stop it,” the redhead begged.

“Then let me see yours.”


“Come on, Kim. It's not really you. Tomorrow you take a fast dunk in the Nyannichuan and get restored to your normal self. I want to see what the Nannichuan can do to a girl.”


“Then take off my clothes and get out of my room,” Shego said coldly

“Okay,” Kim grumbled.

Shego grinned and flopped down on her stomach beside Kim, her face about a foot away from the addition to the former young woman. Kim lifted the nightshirt and they both stared at the offending member, now swollen much larger than when it had been shriveled up from the cold water.

“What's making it do that?”

“I am,” Shego chuckled. “Don't get so upset Kim. You're in a guy's body now and it works differently than your old body. Guys get turned on when they look at a hot woman. Somebody here thinks I'm a hot woman.”

“No I don't”

“Oh, come on, Kim. That lie detector between your legs is telling me the truth. I won't hold it against you. Unless you want me to hold it… Well, do you?”

Kim shook her head no.

“You might not like me when you're yourself. But the Kim you are now is a guy. Guys keep their brains in their pants.”

Kim giggled, “Or at least, we'd all be better off if they kept their brains in their pants -- they get in trouble when they take them out.”

Shego laughed with Kim. “Yes, that's it exactly. So if Little Kim here likes me I won't take it as a statement from that red-haired fireball I've been fighting for the last couple years. You've got a guy's brain now -- or what they think is a brain. So, can you say I look hot with words too?”

It came out easier than Kim expected, “God, Shego, you always look hot.”

“See, that wasn't so hard now, was it?”

“How come this looks different from Ron's?”

“And when did you see Ron's?”

“When you switched our brains, remember?”

“Did I hear that Ron was Jewish?”


“Well, that's your answer. Ron was circumcised. Little Kim here is uncut.”

Shego reached out her hand, and Kim grabbed her wrist. “Stop that!”

“No fair, why should you be the only one who gets to play with your new toy? I promise not to hurt it.”

Too curious to refuse Shego's request Kim released Shego's hand. Gently, but firmly, Shego began pumping her hand up and down on Kim's shaft. Kim's erection was stiffening quickly and Shego's ministrations were forcing the head out from its hiding place in the foreskin. “See, Kim. Is that what you were looking for?”

But Kim's eyes were closed and the redhead had a smile of contentment. “Do you like that,” Shego demanded.

Kim nodded happily.

“Say it, Kim. I want to hear it.”

“That feels great, Shego. It's like nothing I've ever felt before.”

“I don't imagine you have. I haven't either. Is it good, Kim? Do you like the feel of what I'm doing to do you? Remember, you don't have to be a good and virtuous girl now. You're a dirty-minded guy getting a handjob. Let your prick talk -- that's why they call it a prick. What do you think? What does Little Kim think?”

“It feels wonderful, Shego. Thank you.”

“Do you want me to kiss it?”


“Do you want me to lean over and kiss it? Do you want to feel my lips on the head of that bad boy? Do you want to look down on my head, bobbing up and down on you as I suck you off? Do you want to find out if I spit or swallow?”

Kim's eyes were wide, “Please, Shego, Please!” she begged.

Shego rolled away from Kim and laughed. “I don't give head on the first date. Unless you buy me dinner and get me drunk first.”

Kim stared down at the throbbing, purple erection. “I'm going to explode,” she moaned.

“You are such a baby. But maybe I should help you out. I hear guys suffer from something called blue balls if they can't get any relief. They say it really, really hurts. Or maybe that's just a story they tell when they're begging us for some. I guess it would be a violation of our truce if I left you in pain.”

Shego went to her medicine kit in the bathroom and returned with a small bottle of baby oil. “You just lean back now and let me take care of you,” she told Kim. She poured a little of the oil on Kim's member, then rubbed it up and down with her hand. She stood up, straddling Kim, then slowly lowered herself down. One hand found Little Kim and she guided the redhead's cock inside her and slowly sank down the entire length of the shaft.

“Is that good?”

Kim simply moaned.

“I'm going to take that as a yes.” Shego kept the pace deliberately slow as she built herself towards a climax. She wasn't sure how long Kim could last.

“Do I need to pull out,” Kim gasped.

“I don't think so,” Shego went away from the up and down motion into a little grinding motion, she was close. “I should be three kinds of safe. I doubt the Nannichuan could leave you able to produce real sperm -- and doubt you've had time to produce much even if it did. Second, it's the safe time of the month for me. And third, the comet changed my metabolism enough I doubt I can get pregnant anyway.”

Shego wasn't sure Kim was listening to a word she said. Kim's eyes were closed and the redhead was moaning, “Shego, Oh! Shego.”

Shego closed her own eyes and ground away on the thickness filling her, “Suck my nipples,” she gasped. “Suck them, Kim.” She shoved her tits in Kim's face and Kim caught a green nipple and sucked as Shego began grinding even harder.

They exploded together, Kim grabbing Shego's ass and holding on tight and the redhead's cock erupted in the pale woman. As their breathing returned to normal Shego congratulated herself on an exquisite piece of timing.

“Shego, wake up.”

“What time is it?” the dark haired woman asked in a tired voice.

“My watch says two. I have a problem. Little Kim is all hard again.”

“And what do you want me to do about it, Princess?”

“Can you help me again?”

“Kim, it's two in the morning.”

“I don't want that blue balls thing.”

“Look I'll tell you what. Give me a little foreplay and maybe I'll get in the mood.”


“Yeah, what does a boy do with you before you make love.”

“Uh, I'm a virgin.”

“Not after last night. Okay. Let's play fantasy. Have you ever wanted someone to make love to you?”

“I think so,” Kim whispered.

“Imagine you're alone with that person in a room. It's just you and the one you want. There's no mom and dad down the hall. You're on the other side of the world from everyone you know. That person wants to make love to you. You want that person to make love to you. Let me feel what you would want that person to do for you. Let me know with your lips, your fingers, your tongue… Show me how you want someone to treat you.”

“Not so hard,” Shego gasped a few minutes later. “I want it more gently.”

Even later Kim looked up from the redhead's position between Shego's legs. “How was that?”

Shego's eyes were closed and she was gasping for breath. “Oh, yeah. You know where all the nerve endings are on a woman. How do I taste?”

“I don't know. I've never, uh, done that before.”

“And you did great for the first time, but you're a Possible. Maybe I can return the favor when you're back to normal.”

“Shego, please, can I have some fun?”

“Yeah, but I'm not getting on top. I can't move. You get on top and bang away. You've got me wet enough.”

Kim kissed her way up Shego's body. She had a little trouble positioning Little Kim, but Shego reached down and helped guide the new appendage into her vagina. Then Shego stretched her long legs up and hooked them over Kim's back as Kim began work herself into Shego. “Not too hard at first, Shego pleaded. “I've never been fucked by a girl with a cock as big as yours.”

Kim started slowly and carefully, but as Shego's box heated up and grew more slippery Kim lost control and started to pound away, harder and faster into the pale woman. Shego's screams and moans woke up everyone else in the guesthouse, but she didn't give a damn. She'd never had multiple orgasms like this in her life. Kim groaned and slammed into her, going stiff as she experienced her own pleasure and shot another load into Shego.

Kim collapsed on top of Shego and their lips met. “Oh, God, that was incredible.” Kim said between kisses.

Shego gasped and said nothing for a minute, then threw her arms around Kim's neck and sent her tongue in to explore for the redhead's tonsils. She finally broke the embrace. “Party-time is over. You have to pull out so I can stagger to the bathroom and clean up so I can get back to sleep.”

Shego made a mental note before drifting back to sleep, “She wants her foreplay a little rougher than I do -- and she makes love with a lot of enthusiasm. I'll never let her wear a big strap-on.”

They slept late in the morning, exhausted from their late night and early morning lovemaking. When Kim awoke Shego was already awake and moving around the room, gathering her possessions and organizing them for packing.

“Going back today?”

“I'd better head back after we get you back to normal. First, I can't train any more -- you left me too sore last night to even put my legs together. Second, you need to get home and I'll give you a ride. And third, I think the management will probably be asking us to leave after this morning's behavior.”

Kim stretched out in bed, his/her hands behind his/her head, and watched Shego as she moved around the room. Shego was still wearing the t-shirt too short for proper coverage. It barely covered the pale woman's rear, and every movement she made as she organized, every time she bent over, Kim got a fast glimpse of her ass. Last night Kim had tried to look away, but this morning the redhead just watched and grinned at the remembrance of their two love sessions.

Watching the pale woman move around while remembering their lovemaking insured they got started late. Shego was bent over the old cast iron sink with its single cold-water spigot, washing her face and brushing her teeth when Kim came up behind her. Shego grinned into the mirror as Kim raised the short t-shirt even higher and slid hands over the pale woman's rear.

“Does anyone tell you what a great ass you have?”

“Not nearly often enough.”

Shego held on tight to the sink. Her knees were rubbery as Kim reminded her that the redhead knew the best ways to reduce an opponent to jelly by use of a tongue. “Stay bent over, just like that, it puts you on a perfect level,” Kim told her. Little Kim was up, rubbing against Shego's lower lips, which were parted to give it a wet kiss of greeting.

“Baby oil,” Shego begged. “Put it on my back, let it run down my ass. I'm still sore, you've got to take it easy this morning.”

After finally getting dressed Shego complained, “God, Kim, we'd better get you cured before you kill me with that thing.”

“I'm sorry, but it's just like you said, it’s a new toy and it has a mind all its own.”

Fortunately the Nyannichuan was better marked than the spring Kim had fallen into last night. “This is it, Kim. Jump in and our problem is gone.”

Kim caught Shego in her/his arms and leaned down to give her a lingering kiss. “This was fun while it lasted,” Kim sighed.

“But I liked the original version better,” Shego said and tripped Kim -- sending him splashing backwards into the Nyannichuan. Sputtering from the cold and swearing at Shego for catching her unawares the properly female Kim Possible emerged dripping from the water of the spring.

“Let me help you out, Princess,” Shego offered, reaching for Kim.

Kim knocked her hand away. “Leave me alone,” she grumbled.

“So I take it you won't accept an offer for us to go back to the guest house and let me towel you off in your present form?”

“No way, Shego. I'm me again. I'm not interested. I'm grumpy from lack of sleep. Please, can you just take me home now?”

“If that's what you want,” Shego sighed. “But I'm just as tired as you -- and it was your idea to lose the sleep. And on top of that you probably left me too sore to piss.”

“That's all Little Kim's fault.”

“Yeah, you just tell yourself that.”

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